Sunday, October 6, 2013

You Have To Live Till You Die So Why Not Live Well?

More often than not, when dumped by a guy:

Pretty girls blame their own intellect. "I am not smart enough for him. That's why he left me".

Smart girls blame their own looks. "I am not pretty enough for him. That's why he left me".

Smart, successful AND pretty girls blame their very own existence. "I am too threatening. That's why he left me".

That's why....That's why....That's why....

This "That's why" always precedes with young girls blaming themselves MOST of the times (if not always).

I am NOT suggesting that guys don't get dumped (that's a story for a different day), but when a girl gets dumped, more often than not, she doubts and blames herself.

In the real jungle the female species is ferocious and deadlier than their male counterparts.They don't wait for the male to get home and rescue her.
So why, in the concrete jungle, did we regress to be vulnerable, waiting to be rescued fairer sex?

NOBODY IS PERFECT and you are not an exception.

It hurts when the guy who promised you the world, was around you all the time and acted like you were the center of his world is now holding hands with someone else and acts like you don't exist anymore and you have no clue why. But don't beat yourself up because it's not always your fault.

Love yourself for your talent, your skills, your good looks, your hard work and whatever you liked about yourself before this guy became the center of your universe.

Life does not end there. Even if you desperately want a black hole to appear and pull you into it, believe it or not, you will still have to continue to live. So, why not live well?

Pass it on all to the women who could some help re-building their confidence and self-esteem.

- Shilpa


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